Pareto chart in QlikView

Pareto chart in QlikView is used to represent what is driving your key metrics.

Pareto chart is also called 80/20 chart.

Pareto chart is basically a combo chart – combination of a bar chart and a line. It represents that 80% of the output came from 20% of the input.

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Pareto Chart is useful in prioritizing the problem areas. It is one of the basic tools in quality control.

Steps to create Pareto Chart in QlikView :

1. I will load sample data for the Products and Complaints received on each product.



2. Select a combo chart on the general tab of the charts

3. Select Products as dimension

4. In the expression , use Sum(Complaints). This will be displayed as  bar. Make sure under Accumulation property check “No Accumulation”

5. Create another expression for % .   Sum(Complaints) / Sum( TOTAL Complaints). Make sure under Accumulation property check “Full Accumulation”

6. Under Sort tab – select Y-value Descending

7. Under Axes – For Complaints  –  under position property “Left bottom” and for % select “Right (Top)”

8. Chart will look like the one below


T-shirts and Gloves are driving more complaints than any other Products. By using Pareto chart management can quickly identify which Products need more attention.

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