About Us

Chandraish Sinha is passionate about data and analytics. He is the Author of QlikView Essentials and QlikView Questions and Answers.

In his 20+ years of experience, he has worked with different BI and reporting applications such as, Actuate, Business Objects, IBM Cognos, Tableau and QlikView.

He has implemented IT solutions in different domains viz. Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, Telecom, Financial and Retail.

Inherently fascinated by data, he believes that “You are as good as your data. Data can drive you to success”.

He is an accomplished author and has published 10 computer-related technical books. Check out his Amazon Author profile.

Having worked for years in different technologies,

  • He came in touch with QlikView in 2010 and loved the tool.
  • He is a certified QlikView designer and developer.
  • He is engaged in QlikView training and consulting.

This is his attempt to share what he has learned from the tool and the Qlik community.

You can reach him at chandraish@gmail.com or connect on LinkedIn

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Books authored by Chandraish Sinha

  1. QlikView Essentials
  2. QlikView Questions and Answers
  3. Tableau Dashboards
  4. Tableau Questions & Answers
  5. How to be a Successful IT Professional in the USA
  6. Dashboarding with Tableau
  7. Mastering Power BI
  8. Tableau Unlimited
  9. Implementing Tableau Server
  10. Tableau 10 for Beginners


He blogs regularly on various IT topics. Check them out in the links given below: 

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