What is QlikView

QlikView  is an in-memory, business discovery tool. QlikView is a Business Intelligence application that helps organizations big and small in data discovery.

More than 30,000 organizations are utilizing QlikView to understand data and to leverage QlikView in strategic decision making.

QlikView delivers data visually that provides context to the data in rich but simple format.


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QlikView Components

QlikView has 3 main components

QlikView Desktop – Development tool to create

  1. Data extract and transformation model.
  2. Graphical user interface or dashboard visualizations

QlikView Server – QlikView applications are stored on QlikView Server. It handles the communication between clients and the QlikView applications.

QlikView Publisher – loads data from various data sources and distributes QlikView documents to the end user.

How QlikView is different

1. Associative technology

QlikView delivers the world’s first associative architecture . QlikView stores individual tables in its in-memory associative engine. Every data point in every field is associated with every other data point anywhere in the entire schema. Datasets can be hundreds of tables with thousands of fields.

QlikView Association

2. Compresses Data

Loads the data in a compressed manner and reduces the need to connect to the database. Reading data from a QVD(QlikView Data file) is 10 to 100% faster than reading from a traditional database.

3. Extract Transform and Load

QlikView has a very strong scripting functionality that allows transformation of data. QlikView can perform full scale extract-transform and Load(ETL) using scripts. Developers can develop multiple layers of data viz. extract layer,transformation layer and presentation layers by using QlikView desktop.

4. Calculates aggregations on the fly

QlikView engine calculates aggregations on the fly based on selections the user makes.

5. Shorter development time

QlikView dashboards development life cycle is smaller than other applications.

6. Scalable solution

QlikView solution can be implemented for big and small organization. Initially an organization can implement a smaller solution but as the data and user group grows the solution can also grow with it.

7. QlikView Licenses

QlikView is a licensed software and provides different licensing options. To get more details on QlikView licenses, visit my blog on QlikView Licenses

Want to learn different concepts of QlikView data modeling, visit Data modeling in QlikView

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