Variables in QlikView Part 2

Variables in a text file

Variables are very useful in QlikView development. In my earlier blog Variables in QlikView we learned about basics of variables.

In this blog i want to show you a better way of creating variables so that these variables are global and can be used by multiple applications.

Creating Variables in a text file

Variables can be created in a text file and can be included in a dashboard using Include statement. In this way you can make your variables available for other applications and users.


1. Create variables in a text file. In my example i will create 2 variables and then include them in the dashboard.

Remember to use SET and end your variable definition by semicolon. In this way you can create multiple variables


2. Include the variable text file in the script by using the Include statement


3. After the reload, the variables will get created and you can view them in  variable overview


4. These variables are  now available to be used in any chart


Creating variables in a text file is a good option if you have to use same variables in multiple application.

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