Renaming fields in QlikView using Mapping Load

Renaming of QlikView fields

In QlikView dashboard development renaming of fields is very important.Renaming of fields are required in the following scenarios:

  • In resolving synthetic keys 
  • In resolving loops
  • To break association between two tables
  • Providing user friendly names to the database fields

Fields in QlikView can be renamed in different ways

  1. By using “AS”  e.g. Event_ID AS Event
  2. By using Qualify statement
  3. By using Rename fields statement

In this example i will focus on renaming fields by using Rename fields statement

In many implementations, business users utilize the datamodel to create dashboards.In such situations it is important to rename your hard-to-understand database column names with business friendly names.

To explain how to effectively rename your QlikView fields i will load the following table :



 These fields may make sense to the advanced developers who work with the database, but they may be hard to understand for the business users. As a best practice you should rename your fields to more user friendly names.

It is easy to accomplish this by using Mapping load.

Steps to Rename fields using Mapping Load

1. Create new set of fields for your database specific fields. You can do this using inline table or excel.You can also store these in a database table


2. Load this table in QlikView by using Mapping load


3. After the Mapping Load ,use the statement Rename Fields Using FieldNameMap;

4. Now your old field names are mapped to the new field names. When users will see the fields they will see your new business friendly field names


Rename database fields using Mapping load is a very easy way to provide business users easy to understand fields. Do this after all your load statements. As developers are more comfortable using database specific names , let them use those names in the data modeling but in the end change them to more friendly names so that they can be useful for the business users.

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