Learn QlikView – Udemy course review

QlikView training course on Udemy.com

Finally a QlikView developer course which can give QlikView users A-Z of QlikView data modeling.

QlikView developer course on Udemy is created by close friend and colleague Shilpan Patel.

These high-quality video sessions take users on a wonderful ride of knowledge and fun.

As all QlikView enthusiast will agree, QlikView development consists of QlikView designer and QlikView developer.

It is very essential for any developer to know about the concepts involved in creating a robust QlikView data model. This course can guide novice developers and set them on a track to become advanced developers.


QlikView developer course – Things i like

  1. Course is developed by Shilpan Patel. Shilpan is being contributing to the QlikView community in general through his blog Learnqlickview. This course comes after years of experience in data warehousing and QlikView
  2. Well structured course. Each topic starts with concepts and hands-on practice. After each section instructor has provided quizzes to revise what you have learned.
  3. Thought is being given to the quality of the content. Each topic is thorough and well presented
  4. Special focus given to the important topics. Complex topics like Set Analysis,Link tables,Concatenate are explained in more detail
  5. Life time access. Once you buy this course it is yours for life time.
  6. Available on discounted rates at Udemy.com

Since the inception, Shilpan’s thoughts and contributions have shaped The PinTelligence Group. We always wanted to give back to the QlikView community from where we learned a lot. This training course is a small step in that direction.

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