Qonnections-2015 Dashboard

We are all excited for the Qonnections-2015. It is one of the biggest QlikView partner event of 2015.

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Qonnections-2015  have tons of events for everyone and every role.

This event covers wide range of activities. From fun aerobic exercises to intense technical and sales trainings.

During the process of registration, i felt that it is challenging to enroll in the events. The difficulty arises from the fact that all the events are important and many of them fall at the same time. There are overlaps between the timings and you cannot enroll in overlapping events.I created this dash board for better navigation and analysis of these events.

Click on this link to download the dashboard Qonnections_2015


 Qonnections dash board features

1. Data loaded from the Qlik.com/Qonnections

2. Data insights by Events,Pathway,Role, Stream and Rooms

3. Agenda at a glance


4. Agenda/Event details by each day

5. Gantt chart to show the start time and end time of each event with duration


6. You can view all the filters by clicking on “Explore All” icon


7. Keyword search – you can look up events by keywords


This dashboard helped me a lot in going thru various events by Pathway,Role,Stream and Speakers. I hope it will help you as well.

Click on this link to download my dashboard Qonnections_2015

2 thoughts on “Qonnections-2015 Dashboard

  1. This is very nice! It will help attendees to decide which sessions to attend among many competing sessions to choose from.

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