Executing Stored procedure in QlikView

In certain business environments all the complex business logic is implemented in a stored procedure.

This usually happens when the source system is a huge transactional database system and data warehouse is not available.

In such scenarios you have two choices

–     load all the tables in QlikView and recreate stored procedure logic

–     execute the stored proc and get the required data

Here we will discuss if you have to opt for the second choice.

Executing Stored procedure in QlikView

In QlikView executing stored proc is very simple, see below i am running a stored proc named SalesByCategory

which accepts two parameters CategoryName and OrderYear


the output of this stored proc will be created as a table in QlikView which can be used as any other table in Qlikview


You can execute multiple stored procedures and join the resulting tables as needed.

9 thoughts on “Executing Stored procedure in QlikView

    • UKD:
      If you will opt for the first choice then you will load all the required tables , create your data model by joining tables etc.
      and recreate the stored proc logic.
      Stored procs are used when logic is already implemented in the stored proc.
      It is your choice either to use stored proc or recreate it in QlikView.

  1. Hi
    i have given like
    SQL exec Store_proc_name ;

    but its giving error as syntax error or access violation.

    please help me to load stored procedure into qlikview from oracle db via odbc connection

  2. Hi, i have the problem execute the stored procedure with oracle, this stored procedure have two parameter, one parameter is input and second parameter is output. In Qlikview i am using this sentence:

    Sql call Rehabilitacion.sp_help1(‘hola’);

    But it shows me the following error:

    wrong number or types of arguments in call to.

    Thanks for you help

  3. I am trying to execute MS SQL stored procedure in Qlikview. I have no error but also no results. If I do the same in Management studio I am getting results with no problem. The sp has about 5 parameters. Would you know what could be the case?

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