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Recently i was reading an article on National Geographic about best places to visit this summer. It made me think which place i would visit. The decision was simple. I would visit

Why QlikView

In Memory – QlikView is an in memory business discovery application. QlikView can merge variety of data sources and present to you the true picture of your business.

QlikView’s propriety data storage file QVD lets you read your data faster. It is 10-100 times faster than reading from other data sources.

Transformation – the best feature I liked in QlikView is its data modeling. Business need not spend hours waiting for ETL teams to build the data. In QlikView you can perform data transformation relatively faster. With little experience you can perform some high level transformations.

Faster development – Developing your reports and dashboards in QlikView is way faster as compared to other applications. A business user can also develop reports based on a well-defined data model.

 Associative Technology – QlikView creates associative data model based on common data elements present in your data. Now you can search your data across the entire data warehouse. By clicking on “small  chevron” on the search control, you enter associative search logic that gives you unexpected insights.

Comparitive Analysis – Set Analysis feature in QlikView let you design visualizations that can give you year by year or month by month comparative analysis.

Mobile Access– with QlikView 11 SR2 you can view your data offline. Take your data with you on the journey.

 Community– provides excellent support for novice developers. provides helpful demos on different industries. It is a wonderful source of knowledge. Community provides excellent support on problems and have a huge knowledge base.

Better Career Opportunities – With more and more companies implementing QlikView as their data discovery application, career opportunities for individuals with QlikView knowledge have increased. QlikView is a next step in  your career building.

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