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Reference line is important in any business scenario. Reference line can be a sales goal/target that an Organization want to achieve. Reference line can be  a mile stone from where a business want to grow. For example, a business achieved a Sales of $10million in 2009, they can use this as a reference for their future growth.

In QlikView reference line is created as a part of a graph. It will be a straight line that will show organization their goals/targets or whatever measure they want to use for tracking.

Creating reference Line in a Chart

1. Connect to your data source and load data. if you need help in connecting and loading to your datasource then please visit my earlier blog on “Connecting to excel datasource”.

2. Create a chart. I will create a bar chart to show sales by year.


3. Add reference line to show the Sales goal of $1800 million.

Go to chart properties/Presentation


Go to Reference Line and click add


Add label for your Reference line and expression for your goal. You can also specify the color and thickness of your line.


You will get a straight line for your goals.It shows how Sales are doing against the Goals.


It is very easy to create reference line in QlikView but it gives very useful insight to the business.

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4 thoughts on “Reference Line in QlikView

  1. Nice article. It’s always helpful for any decision maker to compare actual performance vs goal. Reference line provides a handy way to do just that.

  2. Ramu jadaboina says:

    Hi it’s very good .
    if possible can you please give any person to give training on qlikview with real time senarios from chennai

    • Chandraish Sinha says:

      Depending on your location, we do provide onsite and online training.
      We will contact you shortly.

  3. Greate blog !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    very easy to understand for Qlikview Beginers

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