QlikView Questions And Answers

QlikView is an awesome application. The beauty of QlikView lies in the ease of extracting, transforming and presenting data. Data is presented in terms of highly interactive charts and graphs.

QlikView learning is important for the both business users and developers. QlikView presents excellent career opportunities. As volume of data is increasing, so does the need to understand data.

QlikView Questions & Answers helps in understanding QlikView concepts and nuances.



QlikView Questions & Answers – Who needs this book

This book is for anyone who wants to explore the world of QlikView and wants to become an expert. This book is for business teams who are new to the world of Qlik. This book is for technical developers who want to brush up their skills. This book is for those who want to speak QlikView language.

By reading this book, in a very short span you will become Qlik savvy.

QlikView Questions & Answers – What this book contains

–     The book is written in easy to understand Question and answer format.

–     The book contains table structures that are easy to understand. Book uses very simple tables to explain all the concepts.

–   The book covers General concepts on QlikView, QlikView developer, QlikView designer and QlikView Server publisher.

– The book presents practical exercises, which will equip you with better understanding.

– The book covers commonly asked questions. This will make you ready for any technical conversation.

Book is available on Amazon.Kindle version is available for $4.99 and paperback for $9.99.

Kindle app is available for all the different mobile devices.

For limited time,

after the purchase of the book, if you have any doubts on the concepts or exercises in the book, post your questions here and I will answer them.

5 thoughts on “QlikView Questions And Answers

  1. Anil babu samineni says:

    Is anyone purchase this, if yes can you please share the few information

  2. Hi Chandraish,
    I checked in amazon to buy the book “Qlikview Questions & Answers” but unfortunately its not available in India. Can you please how to get this book

    • Chandraish says:

      Sorry, my previous reply refers to my book QlikView Essentials.

      Regarding “QlikView Questions & Answers” this book is not available as hardcover in India. You can either order the ebook/Kindle version or order hardcover from Amazon.com
      Kindle is a free app used to read ebooks.

      I would request other readers who have purchased this book in India, to respond and help Nagaraja.

      • Hi Chandraish,
        Thank you for the information.


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