QlikView Server and Publisher- Book Review

QlikView Server and Publisher by Stephen Redmond 


As a QlikView enthusiast, i am always in search of  good material to enhance my knowledge and enhance my ability to help my clients. QlikView Server Publisher book has given me good exposure to QlikView Server and Administration.

This book helps in providing end-end QlikView solution. It is not enough to know only how to create dashboards but as a developer you may also have to deploy your solutions on the QlikView Server. This book provides in depth knowledge on Server administration.

Why do I like this book

1. Book starts with basics and gradually move to advance topics. It is good for developers with different levels of experience

2. Chapter 2  gives you step-step installation  process.It is important to know how to install QlikView Server and how to verify the installation

3. Chapter 3 gives an in-depth knowledge of various settings in QlikView Management console. You will learn about how to mount folders and how to set Alerts in case your data load fails or if the task successfully completes. Alerts are covered in more detail in Chapter 6

4. Performance of  dashboards is one of biggest concerns in implementing QlikView applications. Stephen has explained different performance configurations in this book.

5. Chapter 8 is my favorite as it give details about Monitoring and troubleshooting  QlikView Server. This chapter is must for those who aspire to become an admin.This is what admins do and this chapter lays out all the different logs to help troubleshoot a problem.

Chapter 8 is also essential because it provides details about the QlikView administration dashboards. It lists out all the power tools available to you in managing server


 This book is helpful for those who wish to provide end – end QlikView solutions from development to deployment. If you are an experienced QlikView admin, you can skip some of the initial chapters but later chapters will be useful. This book is also useful, if you are preparing for QlikView developer certification. QlikView developer certification covers some questions on QlikView server/ publisher and deployment.

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    Can you please provide me if possible what will ask in interview .

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