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Finally a QlikView designer course that covers basics to advance of QlikView dashboarding.

This course surpasses all the expectations in terms of quality of the content.

It starts with best practices of dashboarding and then dives into explaining each concept clearly with visual storytelling.

I have been working in QlikView for many years and this QlikView designer course covers all the years of experience in a nutshell.

A nice add-on to the QlikView developer course. It uses the same data model which is created in the QlikView developer course and helps in creating dashboards using the same data model. Users can easily transition from a developer to QlikView designer.

Highlights of QlikView Designer Course

  1. Provides overview of QlikView and associative search.
  2. Covers dashboarding best practices.
  3. Edward Tufte’s visualization principles.
  4. Create different kinds of charts and learn when to use which chart.
  5. Set Analysis used in expressions.
  6. Create interactive dashboards using conditional show.
  7. What-if analysis.

This course is a must for anyone who wants to master QlikView designer and wants to become an expert visual storyteller.


As a limited time offer,

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Instructor led  online training is also available. If you are interested in instructor-led online QlikView designer and developer training, please email me at csinha@thepintelligencegroup.com

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