QlikView – Alternate States – part 2.


Alternate State is very useful in comparative analysis

In QlikView, Alternate States are not accessible in the load script.They are a feature of User interface.

To use/create Alternate state, user have to first create Alternate state in Settings/Document properties.  Once an Alternate state is created then user can either use this alternate state in any sheet object or create new ones.

If Alternate State is not created in Settings/document properties, it will not show in any sheet object

If Alternate State is not invoked from settings/Document setting, it will not show up in the sheet object.

Create Alternate state in the document properties


 Once Alternate state is created in the document properties, it will show up in the sheet object


Now you can use Alternate state /state identifiers in your visualization

Please watch my video for more details

2 thoughts on “QlikView – Alternate States – part 2.

  1. Chandraish,

    Alternate state is a nice feature in Qlikview 11. Although detach can allow you to detach a single object, alternate state applies to all the objects in that state. So, it is a handy feature to do comparative analysis in Qlikview.

    • Chandraish Sinha says:

      You are right, Alternate state is a very strong feature of QlikView. It can be used with Set analysis also. In my next blog i will be discussing how to use Alternate state with Set analysis.

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