Dynamic colors in QlikView

You can create a very interactive application where clicking on a specific color will change the colors of all the charts and objects in your application.

Something similar to the video above and the picture below.


Clicking on the specific color on the color palette changes the colors of all the objects on the dashboard

I will show you the approach i took for this solution. In this excercise you can also learn How to add Actions to Text Object so that they behave like buttons

I will load the following Products and MyColors table. In the MyColors table, i have defined all my color combinations.


Products and MyColors table. MyColors table contains all the required color combinations

I will load these tables in QlikView


In my Chart, under expression/Background color i will specify definition as [My Colors]


I will also specify the calculated color for Charts Caption as =[My Colors]. I will do the same for the list boxes. I will specify calculated background color for the text boxes where i display Total Products 6 and Total Revenue 18000.

Now creating color palette so that users can select different colors.

Creating Color Palette

To create a color palette like one below. I will use Text Objects and create actions.ColorPaletteI will create 4 Text objects. In each one of the Text Object specify Calculated Background color for one particular color. For example, for blue i will use calculated color as RGB(141,170,203). Similarly for green i will specify RGB(187,216,84).

This is done so that the Text Objects can get that specific color so that user will know that to select blue , he needs to click on blue color Text Object / Button.

Now i will add Action to the Text Object. Go to Action tab in the Text object and click Add. From Action Type choose “Selection” and Action choose “Select in Field”. This will make Text object behave like a button.

Action applied is “Select in Field “. This Action will let user click on the Text Object. When user clicks on a specific color Text Object that particular color will be applied to all the sheet objects i.e. charts,list boxes etc. Actions are added as shown below


Actions in the Text Object. Similar Action should be added to all the colored text objects

When the user clicks on the specific text object that color becomes its current value and gets applied to all the sheet objects.

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