QlikView developer – First few days at work

Congratulations!!! your dream came true and you have been hired as a QlikView developer. Now you need to know things to be successful and to provide value to your client. a. Get a licensed copy of QlikView desktop.  Depending on the permissions on your office laptop, you can either download QlikView desktop from Qlik.com or have your […]

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Script execution window in QlikView

When you load data in QlikView, a Script execution window pops up. This window gives details on – the tables loaded, number of lines of data fetched, whether the data load is optimized or not. By default this window closes, after the load is completed. By setting the “user preferences” the developer can keep this window open […]

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Using Calculation Condition and Custom Message in QlikView

Custom messages are useful in notifying user about some condition prior to displaying a chart. When to use Custom message in QlikView Sometimes in your dashboard, you may have lots of data in a chart. If this chart is rendered, without any listbox/filter selection then it may take a long time for your chart to […]

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