QlikView – Resolving Synthetic keys

Synthetic table and Synthetic keys gets created when there are more than one common fields between the 2 or more tables. QlikView associates tables based on the common field names in the tables and if there is more than one common field then QlikView creates  synthetic tables.  Synthetic keys are not beneficial in datamodel because they are resource intensive […]

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QlikView – Connecting to excel file

In QlikView you can connect to variety of datasources. QlikView can connect to ODBC,OLEDB,XML datasources. You can also connect to cloud datasources like SalesForce.com. In this excercise i want to show you how to connect to an excel file in QlikView. To learn how to load excel file in QlikSense visit Creating first QlikSense application Steps: Create […]

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QlikView Overview

        Traditional Business Intelligence tools are unable to meet the fast paced data requirements and customer expectations. These BI tools suffered from lengthy development time,absence of data transformation environment and non-intuitive visualizations . Users have to go to multiple reports to answer a single question.Data was still trapped in layers and data discovery was not possible. […]

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